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Overcoming Life's Ups and Downs

Posted on April 26, 2018 at 10:30 AM
CONTENTMENT  IS SOMETHING WE ALL DESISRE: yet too seldom have. If it comes, it usually seems short-lived.  And  often  we think that contentment is possible only  if  all our-cirumstances are comfortable  and  there are no conflicts or misunderstanding in  our relationships. For  so  many years  that was my thinking, I deal  with it tomorrow. :/ 

But the words of the Apostle Paul proves that perfect conditions are not the source of contentment. He wrote his letter to the Philippians while he was in a Roman prison. Contentment was something he had to learn, that it is over rated, not through comfort but through hardship and suffering. I can remember my Grandmother's alway telling me that if you make your bed hard ... you will have to lay in it :roll::roll::roll:. However, the Apostle Paul relied on spiritual truths to enable him to face his difficulties God's way without complaint, worry, or fear. BUT ME BEING ME!!!  relied on my own abilities to work it out and you can guess the rest:(:(:(. 
In every trial, we have a choice to view the situation from our perspective or from God's. Depending on our focus, we either react emotionally or respond spiritually, based on God's Word and promises. Inner turmoil and outward agitation result when we focus on feelings instead of spiritual principles. But when we habitually see every matter from God's point of view, then irritation, anger, and blame will be replaced by an inner quietness and confidence. 

Is it really possible to face serious trials and have God's peace? According to Paul,  the answer is yes. We can be content in all circumstance through Christ's strength (v.13). This isn't a natural response but a supernatural one which God alone can produce in the lives of His children. If we'll let divine truths interpret our trials and trust the Holy Spirit to empower us to respond in faithm our heart will find rest no  matter what goes on around us. 

Read: ( Philippians 4: 10-13)

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